7 October 2019 | 1000 Brussels, Belgium
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7 October 2019
1000 Brussels, Belgium
ETNA2020 Transport Networking and Brokerage Event

Participants looking for partners will have a unique opportunity to present their organizations and ideas for project proposals in front of the audience in the form of a brief oral presentation (3 minutes max. and only one presentation per entity or proposal idea).

For the presentation during the oral session please use the recommendations included in this TEMPLATE

Please note that:

  • Due to time constraints, the selection criteria will follow the next order or preference:
    • Project ideas
    • Entity profiles linked to specific topics (first come first served basis)
    • Entity profiles
  • Presentation order during the event will be in accordance to the date of reception of the final version of PowerPoint presentation and not the date of registration




July 3rd 

Registration opens

September 8th

Registration closes

Sept 2nd – Sept 19th  

Submit your presentation for the oral sessions

In PDF and using the template designed for this brokerage

1st October

Final agenda

You receive the agenda with selected presentations for oral session

October 7th 2019

Oral presentations 15:30 – 16:30


Please send your presentation with the following subject: Oral presentation Brokerage 2019 – Name of the institution to Juanfrancisco.reyes@cdti.es and  santiago.cernadas@cdti.es

Don’t forget to send it in PDF and to specify the area/areas covered:


    Charlemagne Building, Rue de la Loi 170, Bruxelles

    Organised by


    Participants 219
    Meetings 231


    Austria 1
    Belarus 1
    Belgium 35
    Cyprus 3
    Czech Republic 1
    France 21
    Germany 13
    Greece 1
    Hungary 1
    Ireland 8
    Israel 3
    Italy 16
    Luxembourg 2
    Netherlands 12
    Norway 4
    Poland 3
    Portugal 12
    Romania 3
    Serbia 2
    Spain 38
    Switzerland 1
    Turkey 47
    United Kingdom 17
    Total 245


    Large Company 44
    SME 63
    University 31
    R&D Institution 23
    Association/Agency 25
    Authority/Government 24
    Consulting 19
    Other 16
    Total 245