7 October 2019 | 1000 Brussels, Belgium
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7 October 2019
1000 Brussels, Belgium
ETNA2020 Transport Networking and Brokerage Event

As this Brokerage Event is an integral part of the H2020  Smart, Green and Integrated Transport Information Day 7 October 2019 in Brussels it´s necessary to follow the following registration procedure.

  1. Register for the H2020 Transport Infoday:
    For participating in this Brokerage Event you have to register first for the Transport Infoday 2019 of the European Commission to guarantee access to the Charlemagne Building! Here you find the link to the EC Transport infoday Website!
  2. Receive registration link for the Brokerage Event:
    You will receive your registration link for the Brokerage Event with your confirmation email for the Infoday!
  3. Validation of your Brokerage Event profile:
    Please be aware that only complete profiles with at least one marketplace profile will be validated in the first phase and thus you will fully benefit by booking meetings with participants at an early stage!


Charlemagne Building, Rue de la Loi 170, Bruxelles

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Participants 219
Meetings 231


Austria 1
Belarus 1
Belgium 35
Cyprus 3
Czech Republic 1
France 21
Germany 13
Greece 1
Hungary 1
Ireland 8
Israel 3
Italy 16
Luxembourg 2
Netherlands 12
Norway 4
Poland 3
Portugal 12
Romania 3
Serbia 2
Spain 38
Switzerland 1
Turkey 47
United Kingdom 17
Total 245


Large Company 44
SME 63
University 31
R&D Institution 23
Association/Agency 25
Authority/Government 24
Consulting 19
Other 16
Total 245